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Nebraska bankers understand the importance of a well-educated, well-trained workforce in our state. After all, the most valuable of Nebraska’s resources is its people - specifically those inclined to lead the state’s top industries. For that reason, the NBA invests in Nebraska's future leaders by supporting the following scholarships available to those attending college in our great state. 

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Increase awareness about the availability of college scholarships through the NBA by displaying promotional posters in your bank. Great leaders - and bankers - need the resources and funds to attain a strong education. Make sure your customers know that you and the NBA have them covered. 

NBEF Scholarship Poster (State & Private Colleges Only)

UFAC Scholarship Poster (University of Nebraska and State & Private Colleges)

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NBEF William B. Brandt Memorial Scholarships
Up to nine $2,000 annual scholarships are available to assist Nebraska business students enrolled at state or privately funded Nebraska educational institutions.

William B. “Bill” Brandt served as a long-time general counsel and lobbyist for the Nebraska Bankers Association. Bill’s amazing 25-year tenure with the Nebraska Bankers Association began in 1965, following two terms of service in the state Legislature. Through the establishment of the William B. Brandt Memorial Scholarship Fund, Bill’s service to the banking industry, his community, and the state of Nebraska will not be forgotten.

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Make college scholarships possible for students in your community by helping us grow the scholarship fund to $1 million!




University of Nebraska Foundation
Nebraska Bankers Scholarships

Help keep Nebraska's best and brightest in the state!

Graduate Banking Schools' Scholarships

Scholarship applications are accepted annually in November for the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado in Boulder, and the ABA Stonier National Graduate School of Banking at the University of Pennsylvania-Philadelphia. Scholarships are intended for those applying for the first year of the Graduate School of Banking. (more information)


For More Information Contact:

Sheila Scheinost  (University of Nebraska Ag Banking Internships & NBEF Scholarships)
Communications Assistant

Ron Arrigo  (Graduate Banking Schools' Scholarships)
NBA Executive Vice President

Joni Sundquist 
Senior Vice President

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