Elder Abuse Prevention

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day - June 15

Report suspected fraud impacting seniors by calling toll-free

Consumer education is perhaps the best weapon against elder abuse and exploitation, and many organizations are working diligently to make sure messages about elder abuse and its prevention are being heard by older Nebraskans.

[VIDEO]: Silent Fear - Elder Abuse Prevention

[VIDEO]: Financial Exploitation - Senior Protection

The banking industry also has a role to play in the prevention of elder abuse and it’s a role we take seriously. Because of the regular contact many older Nebraskans have with personnel in bank branches, frontline bank employees may observe suspected cases of elder abuse relating to financial affairs. By asking careful questions, while observing legal limits, bank employees can work with law enforcement and Adult Protective Services (APS) officials to keep older Nebraskans from being victimized.

The NBA has created training materials to help financial institutions spot elder abuse.  This resource will help your bank:

  • Recognize Common “Red Flags” 

  • Determine Questionable Transactions 

  • Protect Your Customers  

  • Report Elder Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation in Nebraska

Click here to download the Elder Abuse Prevention Handbook

Click here to download the Fraud Alert Form for banks

American Bankers Association Announces
'Safe Banking for Seniors' Innitiative

A campaign to educate seniors and their caregivers on the risks of financial fraud.

Bankers are often the first line of defense against elder financial fraud—from educating and advising customers to spotting the signs of abuse. We here at NBA take our role seriously, and the more we can work together the better we can protect our seniors from fraud.

Nebraska Dept. of Health & Human Services Resources

Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services - Adult Protective Services

Brochures & Flyers (PDFs)

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CFPB's Protecting Residents From Financial Exploitation - A Manual for Assisted Living & Nursing Facilities - May 2014

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Other Resources

BITS Financial Services Roundtable - At-Risk Adult Training Curriculum - February 2013

Lincoln Police Department Presentation - Financial Exploitation of Vulnerable Adults - April 18, 2012

Look Before You Leap: Is a Joint Bank Account Right for Me? (infographic)
The infographic is part of a collaboration between the ABA Foundation and AARP to protect older Americans from financial abuse and exploitation. 

Protect Your Pocketbook: Tips to Avoid Financial Exploitation

United States Senate Special Committee on Aging Fraud Hotline

Your 1st Step to Finding Resources for Older Adults

FDIC Money Smart for Older Adults Program (PDFs)

California Bankers Association - Preventing Elder Financial Exploitation: How Banks Can Help (video)

Stop Fraud - Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force

National Center on Elder Abuse

For More Information Contact:

Joni Sundquist
Senior Vice President

Nebraska Bankers Association / 233 South 13th Street, Suite 700 / PO Box 80008 / Lincoln, NE 68501-0008