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We invite you to get involved today.

  • Attend a State Legislative Forum in Lincoln, NE-February of each year
  • Attend the Washington Legislative Visit/ABA GR Summit-April 2018
  • Donate to NBA BankPAC
  • Network at Conferences/Workshops/Seminars

You can make a big difference in just 5 minutes.

That's all it will take to learn the issues and send an email to your elected officials. The actions of our government have an enormous impact on the lives of you and your family, and we hope you'll use this site to learn about things that matter to you. 

Check out the Amplify website which will make it easy for you to get the word out about your community involvement.  The website provides resouces that include positive messages, sample speeches and letters, instructions for hosting a bank visit, media interview tips and much more.

Please take the following actions:

couple Join our Action Network and important updates regarding our issues and how you can speak out on important issues.
mouseSend an email to your elected officials and tell them to pass important legislation that you can follow right here.

 comp Visit ABA's Reg Reform Center where you'll find a complete Dodd-Frank Resource Calendar.

Speak up by visiting the Bankers Speak Up website to help promote what you do in your community.

Learn more here about Farm Credit Services unfair tax advantages and neglect of FCS's core mission.

It has been tradition that we have worked to protect Nebraska's banking industry, in continuing these efforts NBA's member advocacy focuses on:

  • Identifying potential regualtory and legislative issues of concern
  • Working closely with our member banks employees who express the need to change state law
  • Carrying bank perspectives and positions to regualtors and elected officials in Lincoln and Washington, D.C.
  • Maintaining a highly regarded registererd lobbysits that work with legislators on state and national banking issues
  • Supporting pro-banking and business statewide and congressional candidates

NBA's member advocacy efforts include:

  • NBA Lobbyists review approximately 500 or more bills a year
  • Weekly Legislative Update
  • Weekly Bill Summary with NBA positions
  • Periodic Legislative Alerts


For More Information Contact:

Jennifer Heaton
Vice President of Government and Executive Affairs

Nebraska Bankers Association / 233 South 13th Street, Suite 700 / PO Box 80008 / Lincoln, NE 68501-0008