VEBAvision Newsletters

In this section you will find interesting articles from the Voluntary Employees Beneficiary Association
(VEBA). Each quarter we create VEBAvision newsletters. A version of VEBAvision is created for Benefit
Plan Coordinators and another version for employees of VEBA institutions. Each newsletter contains
information designed to inform and educate readers on such things as benefit updates, compliance
issues and wellness news.

Also in this section you will find Presentations. Each year, before renewal, a PowerPoint presentation
is created for the renewal seminars conducted by the VEBA staff explaining plan and rate changes for
the coming year.

Benefits Coordinator Newsletter


May 2017

  • Timely Enrollment is Not Open Enrollment
  • NEW: VEBA Monthly Event Calendar
  • VEBA Summary Plan Description

March 2017

  • Wellness: FREE Screenings
  • Online Enrollment
  • Life Line Screenings

May 2016

  • Wellness Program: Successful Start
  • Review Forms BEFORE Summitting to VEBA
  • What Is PII?

November 2015

  • New Products for 2016
  • Upcoming Mailings & Distribution
  • Dental & Vision Enrollment

August 2015

  • 2016 Renewal Timeline
  • CHI Back in the Network
  • ACA Update: Tax Reporting

May 2015

  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) Reporting for 2016
  • Verify Web Site Log In
  • Use Correct Forms

March 2015

  • New Enrollee Detail Report
  • What Benefits Do Other Banks Offer
  • New Secure Email, ShareFile

VEBAvision - Archived Benefits Coordinator Newsletters


Employee Newsletter


May 2017

  • Dental & Vision Enrollment Guidelines
  • International Travel Insurance
  • Online Resources Available Anytime!

March 2017

  • AllClear ID
  • Telehealth Services Expanded
  • Changes to Pharmacy Copays

May 2016

  • Timeline for Coverage Set Up
  • NEW Toolkit from The Standard
  • 2015 Summary of Utilization

November 2015

  • New for 2016: Telehealth Services
  • Good News on Air Ambulance Services
  • Dental & Vision Open Enrollment

August 2015

  • Dental Guidelines: Missing Teeth
  • CHI Back In-Network
  • The Standard: Special Enrollment

May 2015

  • BCBSNE In-Network Air Medical Providers
  • BCBSNE Expands Prior Authorization Process
  • Are You Eliglble for Medicare

March 2015

  • BCBSNE Mobile ID Cards
  • BCBS/CHI Contract
  • Air Ambulance

Click here for Archived Employee newsletters.



2017 Plan Renewal Presentation

2016 Plan Renewal Presentation

2015 Plan Renewal Presentation

2014 Plan Renewal Presentation

2013 Plan Renewal Presentation

2012 Plan Renewal Presentation

2011 Plan Renewal Presentation

2010 Plan Renewal Presentation

2009 Plan Renewal Presentation

2008 Plan Renewal Webinar

2006-2007 Plan Renewal Presentation

Wellness Presentation

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