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Asset Allocation and Portfolio Management

Asset Allocation and Portfolio Management


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Created: July 2014

Asset Allocation and Portfolio Management describes each phase in the portfolio management process. This course describes the purpose of the customer profile information collected for investment policies. It describes economic theory and the use of asset allocation and how model portfolios are matched to customer profiles. This course shows how to distinguish between positive and negative correlation in portfolio diversification, and identifies strategies for maintaining portfolio diversification. This course describes investment styles and strategies that can be applied to equity portfolios, and diversify fixed-income portfolios.


  • Describe the portfolio management process and typical customer profiles
  • Describe asset allocation concepts and strategies
  • Describe diversification concepts and strategies 


Trust officers with at least three years of personal trust experience who need a deeper understanding of technical trust concepts and how solutions work when applied to client needs. 

The Nebraska Bankers Association is a Local ABA Training Provider.

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