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Wealth Management and Trust

Wealth Management & Trust

Estate Planning & Trust Activities

Account Acceptance and Termination

Estate Planning for the Marital Deduction

Basic Characteristics of a Trust

Estate Planning to Achieve Client Goals

Discretionary Distributions

Fiduciary Law

Duties and Powers of the Trustee

Guide to Ethics in Fiduciary and Trust Activities

Estate and Guardian Administration

Minimizing Fiduciary Risk and Litigation

Estate Planning for Charitable Giving

Special Needs Trusts

Estate Planning for the Business Owner



Tax Law & Tax Planning

​Fiduciary Income Tax

How Trusts are Taxed

Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax

Planning for Estate Tax

Gift Taxation

Understanding Transfer Tax

Guide to Ethics in Tax Law and Tax Planning



Investment Planning

Asset Allocation and Portfolio Management

Investment Policy

Bond Selection and Analysis

Investment Products

Economics and Markets

Prudent Portfolio Management

Fundamentals of Alternative Investment Products

Stock Selection and Analysis

Guide to Ethics in Investments



Financial Planning

Education Planning Solutions for Minors

Introduction to IRAs

Estate Planning for IRAs and Qualified Plan Balances

Introduction to Planning for Retirement Assets

Fundamentals of Life Insurance

Managing Life Insurance Policies

Guide to Ethics in Financial Planning

Types of Insurance

Income Tax Planning



Trust Fundamentals

​Introduction to Estate Planning

Introduction to Trust Administration

Introduction to Investment Management


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