Rewards & Recognition

Rewards & Recognition


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Course Description:   Rewards and Recognition explores why reward—the tangible symbol of that appreciation—and recognition—the acknowledgment and appreciation of a person’s efforts—are important to job satisfaction and employee retention. The course teaches the core principles and characteristics of recognition and the benefits that giving rewards and recognition can bring to individual employees, to the department or workgroup, and to the institution. The consequences of neglecting or withholding recognition are noted as well. The course focuses on how to plan, administer and implement an effective rewards and recognition program that utilizes both non-monetary and small-cost resources. The course provides the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize, reward, and motivate employees toward continued and improved performance.
Audience:  Any employee responsible for motivating staff regardless of the specific reporting relationships.  This could include managers, supervisors, team leaders and mentors.
Learning Objectives:  After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Define the terms “reward” and “recognition”
  • Identify the elements of rewarding and recognizing employees
  • Describe the consequences of failing to reward and recognize employees
  • Describe how to link a specific company value to specific employee behaviors
  • Determine a reward/recognition that is appropriate to the individual
  • Communicate the reward/recognition effectively
  • Describe the steps in creating a recognition plan
  • Create a recognition plan for employees
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