Supervisor Certificate

Supervisor Certificate

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This certificate prepares new and potential first-level supervisors to handle people management duties, by building the skills and practical knowledge needed for success.  This certificate is also available as an ABA facilitated online course, Supervisor Certificate, plus Banking Today.


Course Description:  This course prepares new and potential first-level supervisors to handle people management duties. Among the topics covered are hiring, performance management, coaching, rewards and recognition, corrective action, managing employee relations and managing change. This course was updated in 2009 to reflect current practices, as well as changes to applicable laws and regulations.

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Price $750 NBA or ABA Members/$950 Non-Members
Length 16 Weeks
Course Credits ABA: 3.25
Prerequisites None
Required Software Technical Requirements
Textbook All course readings are provided online.

Certificate:  Participants who successfully complete this course AND either complete the Banking Today course or have three years experience in the banking industry will receive the ABA Supervisor Certificate.

Audience:  New and potential first level supervisors.

Learning Objectives:  After successfully completing the ABA Supervisor Certificate course, you will be able to:

  • Select the most qualified candidate for a job
  • Describe the importance of ethical practices in banking
  • Identify the major strategies for managing employee relations
  • Execute and communicate clear performance objectives
  • Recognize the need to coach others to achieve their personal best
  • Explain the need to employ corrective action and plan appropriate steps for corrective counseling
  • Describe different forms of recognition and the benefits
  • Explain the change process and what actions to take to manage change

Proctored Examination Required
This course requires proctored exams. You will need to identify a person from your institution who will proctor your exams during business hours, Monday – Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Eastern USA Time. This person should be your Human Resources Training Manager, supervisor, or someone from the management team of your organization. Make sure to arrange your proctor well in advance of your exam date.

If you do not work with an institution, you will need to contact a university/college, library, or a testing center to request they proctor your exam. You will be asked to provide the telephone number of your proctor in case we need to reach that person for verification. A relative or friend cannot proctor an exam. All parties must abide by the ABA exam policy. There are no exceptions.​​​​​​​​​​

Required courses:
Banking Today
Coaching for Success
Corrective Action
Ethical Issues for Bankers

Hiring the Best
Leveraging the Benefits of a Diverse Workforce
Managing Change
Managing Employee Performance
Managing Employee Relations

Rewards and Recognition

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