Processing and Underwriting Credit

Processing and Underwriting Credit


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Re-versioned: August 2014
Course Description:  This course will help you unravel that wealth of information contained in credit reports, while also providing a methodology for reconciling credit and handling credit problems that may be uncovered in your analysis. Don’t miss your opportunity to gain foundational knowledge of processing and underwriting credit with this self-study online course.
Audience:  Loan Processors and Underwriters.
Learning Objectives:  After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Review information contained in a credit report more effectively
  • Recognize the characteristics of a credit report
  • Gain an effective methodology for reconciling the information within a credit report
  • Gain an effective methodology for handling credit problems
  • Distinguish how to handle identity and fraud alerts
  • Identify the characteristics of nontraditional credit
  • Differentiate the factors of credit risk analysis

    The Nebraska Bankers Association is a Local ABA Training Provider.
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