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Personal Banker Certificate

Personal Banker Certificate

This certificate addresses the mix of banking knowledge and skills for Personal Bankers (or Financial Services Representatives or Financial Services Associates) who provide full-service banking to meet customer needs.
Price: Price: $595 members; $795 non-members

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This price includes all self-paced online courses listed below.  The ABA Personal Banker Certificate is also available at discounted prices under an annual license.  Call or email for details.
Course Description:  The ABA Personal Banker Certificate addresses the appropriate mix of banking knowledge and skills for Personal Bankers, sometimes referred to as Financial Services Representatives or Financial Services Associates, to provide full-service banking to customers by providing appropriate credit, deposit and other banking services that meet customer needs and expectations.
Personal Bankers often drive the sales and service function in the bank office or branch and call on potential and current customers to develop new business relationships and to support customer retention strategies.  They also require broad product knowledge, including specific understanding of the different types of retail deposit and loan products which are covered in this curriculum.  They must also have a fundamental understanding of banking and banking regulations affecting this position.
All 14 courses must be successfully completed in order to earn the ABA Personal Banker Certificate

The estimated time to complete these 14 courses is approximately 43 hours. Students have access to the curriculum for 1 year from date of purchase.  *ABA Principles of Banking may be substituted.
The Nebraska Bankers Association is a Local ABA Training Provider.
For More Information Contact:

Ron Arrigo
NBA Senior Vice President

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