Cross-Selling Deposit Products

Cross-Selling Deposit Products


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Course Description: This course offers logical steps for selling deposit products effectively.  The course teaches how to conduct sales interactions with clients, and how to prepare for effective cross-selling to maximize sales of deposit products and ensure client satisfaction.  Course exercises provide opportunities to practice cross-selling concepts through realistic client scenarios.
Audience:  Any bank personnel in a position to discuss deposit products and services with customers.
Learning Objectives:  At the conclusion of the program participants will be able to:
  • Explain the importance of cross-selling
  • Describe typical bank products and their features and benefits
  • Interpret clues and identify customer needs
  • Cross-sell deposit product solutions that match customer needs
  • Respond to questions and objections from customers
  • Close the sale or refer the customer.
The Nebraska Bankers Association is a Local ABA Training Provider.
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