Building & Retaining Customer Relationships

Building & Retaining Customer Relationships


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Course Description: Part I – Process and Strategy
Building and Retaining Customer Relationships—Process and Strategy
 provides tools on how to start, manage, and execute a sales portfolio. This course explains how to conduct the process and learn the strategies behind the sales portfolio process, from prioritizing clients to making sales calls. It presents sales portfolio techniques and strategies that have been proven effective. Throughout the course, it explains how to recognize, classify, and prioritize clients according to sales potential profiles.  
Part II – Calling on Clients
Building and Retaining Customer Relationships—Calling on Clients
 explains how to use forms in the sales portfolio and apply other organizational principles. This course also teaches how to plan sales calls or contacts with portfolio clients. The strategic sales initiative in this course allows institutions to increase client satisfaction, promote client retention, and boost sales. 
Audience:  This course is most appropriate for banking professionals who currently sell bank products to customers. Participants attending this class should have a working knowledge of their institution’s products and services, basic sales techniques, daily planner scheduling and basic tele-consulting skills.
Learning Objectives:
After completing Part I: Process and Strategy, students will be able to:
  • Describe the benefits of building and retaining client relationships through a well-managed portfolio
  • Identify the steps of the portfolio process
  • Set criteria that support sales and client retention
  • Assess sales potential of clients
After completing Part II: Calling on Clients, students will be able to:
  • Organize a portfolio to support and track activity
  • Plan for starting a portfolio at work
  • Prepare for the initial contact with clients
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