Bank Operations Diploma

Bank Operations Diploma

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The ABA Bank Operations Diploma, one of the oldest and most widely achieved diplomas, provides a solid grounding in banking fundamentals and is an ideal foundation for new or aspiring operations managers or supervisors. This curriculum covers critical knowledge areas such as accounting, legal and regulatory aspects of banking, general bank operations, payment systems, and supervision thyat are central to the responsibilities of operations personnel.

Required courses:
ABA Principles of Banking
ABA Supervisor Certificate (either self-paced or facilitated online)
Ethical Issues for Bankers
General Accounting
Law and Banking: Applications or Law and Banking: Principles
Money & Banking

The Nebraska Bankers Association is a Local ABA Training Provider.

For More Information Contact:

Ron Arrigo
Senior Vice President, Education and Administration

Nebraska Bankers Association / 233 South 13th Street, Suite 700 / PO Box 80008 / Lincoln, NE 68501-0008