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Nebraska Bankers Association

               Direct Phone: (402) 474-1555

Executive Management

Richard Baier
President & CEO, NBA & NBISCO
Ext. 238
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Ron Arrigo
Executive Vice President,
Education & Administration
Ext. 203

Joni Sundquist
Senior Vice President,
Communications & External Affairs
Ext. 208
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 Legal Counsel

Robert Hallstrom
General Counsel
Ext. 209

Gerald Stilmock
Associate General Counsel
Ext. 210


Jennifer Heaton
Vice President of Government & Executive Affairs
Ext. 221

Karen Yelden
Vice President of Administration
Ext. 206

Sandra Edson Sloniker
Accounting Manager
Ext. 202
Teresa Serafin
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
Ext. 200



Joni Sundquist
Senior Vice President,
Communications & Government Affairs
Ext. 208
Sheila Scheinost
Communications Assistant
Ext. 216


Quinn Hullett
Communications Intern
Ext. 260


Ron Arrigo
Executive Vice President,
Education & Administration
Ext. 203
Tammy Stanley
Senior Education Manager
Ext. 235

Blair Suddarth
Education & Meetings Assistant
Ext. 252

Megan Palik
Education & Member Information Coordinator
Ext. 232


Government Relations

Jennifer Heaton
Vice President of Government & Executive Affairs
Ext. 221
Tara Miles
Government Relations
Administrative Assistant
Ext. 217

Information Technology

Scott Lane
Senior Systems Analyst
Ext. 259
Andrew Schmidt
IT Intern
Ext. 230


Nebraska Bankers Insurance & Services Co. (NBISCO)


Scott Yank
Executive Vice President, NBISCO
Ext. 213 


 Products & Services

Bill Smythe
Vice President, Marketing, NBISCO
Ext. 237
Jodie Griffiths
Programs Manager, NBISCO
Ext. 211

 Agency Services

Direct Phone: (800) 593-3881 or (402) 474-8030
Direct Fax: (402) 474-8031

Linda Hines
Account Services Manager
Ext. 242
Patty Jensen
Commercial Accounts Manager
Ext. 215
Conni Little
Personal Accounts Manager
Ext. 231
Rhonda Tucker
Commercial Lines Account Representative
Ext. 245
Sonja Wenzl
Personal Lines Account Representative
Ext. 247


Voluntary Employees Beneficiary Association (VEBA)

Direct Phone: (888) 419-8322 or (402) 475-8322
Direct Fax: (402) 474-4376

Karen Coufal
Vice President, VEBA Program
Ext. 225
Janelle Ekeler
Assistant Vice President, VEBA Program
Ext. 212
Jennifer Nowotny
Enrollment Manager, VEBA Program
Ext. 224

Kansas/Nebraska Schools of Banking

Tami L utzi
Executive Director
Ext. 240
Kami Murphy
Assistant Director
Ext. 243


Nebraska Bankers Association / 233 South 13th Street, Suite 700 / PO Box 80008 / Lincoln, NE 68501-0008