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LIVE - 30 Day Availability Following the Broadcast   

A webinar is an online seminar featuring live audio, PowerPoint presentation along with other interactive features such as real time polls and chat. The program may be viewed on most devices (computer, tablet, smart phone). No special hardware is needed; however, speakers or headphones are required.  The program consists of 105 minutes instruction and 15 minutes live Q&A.

Each webinar registration provides one connection to the webinar, materials and access to the On-Demand Webinar for 30 days after the initial event. You may have unlimited listeners on your connection. You will receive login instructions and materials as well as a link to test your equipment prior to the webinar. If you do not receive a confirmation immediately after registering, call (877) 988-7526 or email support@conferenceedge.com

For More Information Contact:

Blair Suddarth
Education & Meetings Assistant


Nebraska Bankers Association / 233 South 13th Street, Suite 700 / PO Box 80008 / Lincoln, NE 68501-0008