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Elder Abuse Prevention Handbook

Consumer education is perhaps the best weapon against elder abuse and exploitation, and many organizations are working diligently to make sure that messages about elder abuse and its prevention are being heard by older Nebraskans. 

The banking industry also has a role to play in the prevention of elder abuse and it’s a role we take seriously.  Because of the regular contact many older Nebraskans have with the personnel in bank branches, frontline bank employees may observe suspected cases of elder abuse relating to financial affairs.  By asking careful questions, while observing legal limits, bank employees can work with law enforcement and Adult Protective Services (APS) officials to keep older Nebraskans from being victimized.

The NBA has created training materials to help financial institutions spot elder abuse.  This resource will help your bank:

  • Recognize Common “Red Flags” 

  • Determine Questionable Transactions 

  • Protect Your Customers  

  • Report Elder Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation in Nebraska

Click here to download the Elder Abuse Prevention Handbook.

Click here to download the Fraud Alert Form for banks.

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